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Tips to Build ‘Dream BIG, Deliver BigGER’ Teams

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What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning ~ Unknown

What appears to be the end ...

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‘Finding Your Way’ – Key Note Talk Jun 28 2014 – a few key slides

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The Journey to Excellence is nothing but a call for disciplined, purposeful Practice … “One for All, All for One”

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7A RoadMap towards Excellence

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The Choice – To be a Leader

The Conscious Choice – To be a Leader

Like the rays of the sun … the Nine Leadership Traits radiate energy & light.

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The Snowball Effect

Over 33+ years of work experience; it has been an honor and a privilege to be a member of several winning teams.At the outset of the ‘Sunya Circle’ journey; I would like to share a key learning from the trenches where I could best feel the pulse of the living-entity called the ‘team’ ( ‘sangha’):

What makes an Organization Vital ? Sustainable ?

It all starts with a smile on your own face … bringing the best out in yourself first.In turn, this enables bringing the best out in each member….unleashing the universal desire to win and excel. As members of a community(‘sangha’), we owe this to each other…and importantly to our Customers.
Having set inspirational break-through goals and having put a cogent strategy in place… what really distinguishes winning teams is the level of engagement in action. Results follow when each member contributes his / her bit with a deep sense of respect and gratitude … rooted in Simplicity, Patience and Compassion

Vital & growing organizations have one thing in common.A strong ‘sense-of-ownership’ in each stakeholder is coded into their very DNA. This has a domino-like effect. Invariably, with each turn of the wheel, the snowball of Positivity gains momentum. Infectious enthusiasm spreads like wild fire in an ever widening circle.Conversely,meltdowns are often a result of misguided energies of teams working at cross-purposes. The spiral upwards …or downwards…that is the key choice…moment by moment.

When an organization acts intuitively, like a living organism it uses closed-loop feedback to trigger self-correcting mechanisms. Learnings are captured in real-time. Issues get tackled at the root.’Survive & Thrive’ signals get flagged off in a proactive manner. Interdependance ensures all cross-functional teams seamlessly pick up the signal and run with the ball. A virtuous cycle of ongoing success ensues. As each team-milestone gets celebrated in real-time…sustainable wealth becomes an automatic outcome.

Revel in the journey towards a sense-of-abundance.
Each member must own it → live it!

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